Exterior Energy-Saving Sunscreens

Our energy-saving sun screens work by blocking the sun's rays before they reach the window.  Shading the outside of exposed windows and doors is the best way to help prevent heat build-up in the home or office.  Over one-third of energy loss is through the windows and doors.  Typically, we see an even greater loss in commercial buildings.  Protecting the exposed windows and doors with Weatherguard Sun Screens will greatly reduce room temperatures which, in turn, reduces the amount of energy needed to keep the home or office cool and comfortable.  Many of our customers have also expressed how much they love the privacy offered by our product since, during the day, our customers are able to see out of their windows but others are unable to see in!


We use a high quality screening material with multiple colors to choose from for all our sun screens.  Our screens feature a unique woven mesh that can block up to 80% of the sun's hot rays before they enter through your windows, doors, and skylights.  We also line the window-facing side of all our screens with a durable foam stripping to help keep all that pesky dirt and red sand out.  This also results in a better seal for keeping out flies, spiders, and other pests from infiltrating the home or office.